Sensational Succulents

Welcome to my garden! Have I ever mentioned that I adore succulents? I discovered these precious plants when my children were toddlers and I have been hooked ever since.  

Every year I wait anxiously for the first shipment of these precious plants. I garden in pots quite a bit and enjoy a variety of clay and ceramic.  Many of my pots have moss growing and even some broken places, this just adds to the character of my assortment. Creating groupings or  vignettes of pots and plants makes a nice statement.  I have a perfect area in my backyard to have lots of succulents; it gets plenty of morning sun and afternoon shade so the plants don't get too hot.  

One of the best features of succulents is how they grow and propagate.  If a leaf breaks off an existing plant, you can lay it on the soil and it will create another plant right on the tip.  As you can see, another growth comes where the leaf fell off.  Succulents do take time to get large but they are so easy to propagate!

My favorite variety is the echeveria.  It's tight compact petals form a dense flower that brings me so much joy!  I hope you will try your hand at succulent gardening soon!

XoXo Lorie

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