Make your OWN Vanilla!

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Did you know you can make your own Vanilla Extract? It's one of the easiest things you will ever do!  I use a ton of vanilla in the cooking school so several years ago I discovered how to make it myself and now I want to share it with YOU! 

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Homemade vanilla makes the perfect Christmas gift for friends and co workers so get started TODAY!  

Many of the vanilla beans bought at the grocery store are dry and brittle.  To make the very best Vanilla Extract you want to use a high quality bean.  For Vanilla to be called Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, you have to use Madagascar beans and these are the most expensive beans you can buy.  To make a good quality vanilla you can use beans of any origin as long as they are plump and oily.  I have been buying my vanilla beans from Olive Nation for many years and have always been pleased with the quality.

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Homemade Madagascar Vanilla

18-20 Madagascar vanilla beans

750 milliliters vodka

2 tablespoons bourbon

Open the vodka and remove about ¼ cup.  Add bourbon and vanilla beans and let steep for up to a year.  To speed up the steeping process, shake the bottle once or twice a day.  When the liquid is verydark in color it is ready to use.